The Journey of a 31 Years Old Pakistani Apparel Manufacturer.

usman gohar pakistani apparel manufacturer

A lot of people now talk about me as an entrepreneur but few people know how it started.

Growing up wasn’t rosy. I had to work hard for everything I have today. When I was a kid, I hated the view Pakistan was given in the world…

Yes, we aren’t as developed (and rich) as developed countries and I want to try my best to change this (even though I’ll be doing that in the textile industry) who knows? I might inspire a lot of Pakistanis to emulate my vision in different fields. You see,

When I was young, I always thought developed countries were biased or tribalistic. But growing up, I found that if you can deliver they have no issues doing business with you. Pakistan has a bad record for that and I’m determined to change that. 

Pakistan is blessed with immense yet undiscovered talents and it’s my dream to put us on the world’s radar. I will be documenting my journey and I will take you all along. 

I know the challenges ahead and I’m prepared. I am an apparel manufacturer who makes sportswear with so much quality you would be glad you ordered. 

And yes, I have quality production equipment that suits your taste. I will be showing you more about it as we go on.

Yes, I have a fast and reliable delivery agent. Quite popular for what they do. (I’ll allow you to figure that out).

And yes, I deliver quality sportswear because that’s the only way I get paid in full. I give samples for you to check before ordering because I understand the importance of trust.

That said, I’ll leave you now. Has your country ever been known for a negative thing?

Did it affect your business?

Let me know in the comments section.

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