7 Salient Features to Make Custom Apparel

work flow at fitaris wear

Here are the 7-salient features we follow to make custom apparel according to the company or brand’s requirements.

1. Right Fabric for the Right Product
The first step to start making custom apparel is to pick the right fabric for the right product according to the specifications. Our company always believe in quality, we use premium quality material to ensure perfect product.


2. Cutting
After picking up the right material, the cutting of the fabric is the main process. We cut the fabric according to the patterns of customer’s size chart.


3. Printing
After cutting, we put the requested logos on them. Whether it is screen printing, vinyl printing, sublimation printing or embroidery, we have all services in our factory.

4. Sewing
Sewing is the most attention seeking process. We make sure that the right thread for the right colour of fabric is being used. Different stitching machines we have and use separately for every part of the product.


5. Final Checking
At the last but not least, we check very carefully every item to make sure the product we dispatch is accurate and faultless.


6. Dispatching Products
Fitaris Wear works with a courier/shipping company that has been chosen or recommended to assure on-time delivery, cost-effective, safe, and efficient transportation of goods from point of origin to point of destination.


7. Order Review
We’ll get in touch with you to make sure your order arrives on time and in good condition. All comments and feedback will be used to improve the ordering process for the future order.


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